BlissLights Outdoor Indoor Spright Smart Firefly Light with Timer

  • Includes projector light, timer, ground stake, and power cord
  • Six-hour on/18-hour off timer
  • Holographic laser light chamber to project points of light
  • 50' x 50' coverage area from a distance of 20'
  • 30' x 30' coverage area from a distance of 10'
  • Made of commercial-grade resin
  • Weather-resistant
  • For indoor/outdoor use
  • Measurements: With ground stake, Projector Light 16"H x 4"Diam, weighs 11 oz; Cord 75"L
  • UL listed; 1-year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty


Add a little enchantment to any evening--all year round--with the magic of the incredibly popular BlissLights(R) projector. This brilliant little device projects thousands of vibrant points of light inside or outside your home--turning any space into a spectacular light show that colors the night. And at this value, it's easy to brighten any holiday or celebration.

Simply place the projector in your yard and shine the Spright lights on your trees, bushes, or home for an enchanting holiday display. Or, make deck decor and patio parties sparkle any time of year. No matter the occasion, BlissLights makes it even more special with its luminescent look. Plus, it's made with a weather-resistant, commercial-grade material--designed to protect the unit come rain or come shine.

Get ready to light up the night. These lights create a coverage area measuring up to 50' x 50' in an instant when set up 20 feet away. And thanks to the convenient timer function, they can turn on and stay on when you need them and automatically turn off when you don't--becoming the true light of the party!


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Patented BlissLights laser projectors bring elegant and magical lighting effects to any indoor or outdoor living space around your home. Just plug it in to any ordinary AC outlet, stake the fixture in place, and adjust the lamp head to the desired position. And, voila! Tens of thousands of points of lights envelop your trees and landscape like thousands of fireflies. Project on your walls, garage doors, or fence lines for the look of a galaxy of stars, or wrap around indoor ceilings walls for your own personal starry night sky.

Durable outdoor-quality construction means you can enjoy the soothing and mesmerizing effects of Bliss Lights year-round and anywhere you have access to an ordinary AC outlet—including those on your RV or boat! Up-light your tallest tree, backyard gazebo, or even a humble patio umbrella for a dramatic focal point. Point toward your backyard fence or hedgerow for tranquil summer nights, or down-light onto your outdoor pool or patio for mesmerizing effects for outdoor parties and barbecues.

Party planners can instantly transform any ordinary indoor or outdoor location into a visually stunning venue your guests will long remember and breakdown is as simple as unplugging a single fixture! Great for kids parties, weddings, and bridal or baby showers.

With a choice of three colors—green, blue, or red—you can create stunning effects by using one color or a combinations of colors. Each color projects tens of thousands of points of light and each has a unique starfield signature:

Green — BlissLights' original color creates firefly effects on landscapes. Great for up-lighting trees and works well on all surface colors and textures, both indoor and out. Pair green with blue all year-round, or pair with red for holiday displays.

Blue — Projects a starry night starfield that also looks great on landscaping, down-lighting pools, up-lighting gazebos, umbrellas, or indoor ceilings. Also provides silent night effects on snow, nativities, and other outdoor pre-lit décor.

Red — Projects a cosmos starfield that displays best on light surfaces such as walls, fences, snow, and indoor rooms. Combines beautifully with green for holidays like Halloween or Christmas and blue for holidays like Halloween or patriotic displays.

Combining all three colors together creates a dazzling and festive confetti look that works well year-round for celebrations, entertaining, and the holidays.




  • For outdoor use, can be exposed to elements but cannot be submerged in water
  • Rugged binary resin fixture cover is strong, easy to handle, and durable in all climates—even wet locations and coastal water areas
  • Operating temperature: -15°F up to 90°F
  • Maximum power: Less than 5mW
  • Laser color: choice of Green, Blue, or Red
  • Laser wavelength: 532 nm (Green), 455nm (Blue), 660 (Red)
  • Power consumption: 3 watts (between 65°F and 90°F), up to 10 watts (between -15°F and 64°F)
  • Power input: 110V/120V with provided transformer
  • Projection coverage: Up to 2500 square feet
  • Maintenance-free
  • Dimensions: 16"H x 4"Dia



Q: How do BlissLights® work? 
 BlissLights are simple-to-use indoor/outdoor lighting projectors that create an explosion of pinpoints of intensely bright light which move on unique far-reaching trajectories --and they're low voltage! Each projector incorporates laser and optical elements to create a breathtaking lighting effect much like thousands of fireflies on trees and landscape plants or hedges. Under canopies, gazebos, and overhangs, they point upward to create a mesmerizing universe of stars.


BlissLights are designed for both commercial and homeowner applications. They're also used to help illuminate hard-to-light areas and create unique, never-before-seen lighting experiences which are sure to impress! Amaze family and friends by transforming your home or outdoor living space into a magical starry experience within minutes. Just choose your location, plug in the light, and point at a favorite focal point in your outdoor living space. It's fun to experiment with every aspect of the home landscape, and since it comes with an AC adaptor you can quickly and easily change the location of the light to suit your mood.


Q: How do I get the most WOW from my BlissLights? 
 BlissLights are best suited for dark outdoor areas you'd love to transform without the cost, time, and effort of purchasing light strands and wrapping/hanging lights from a ladder. Plus you don't have to worry about changing burned out light bulbs or replacing dead light strands. The holographic chamber of the BlissLight creates an explosion of vibrant light points from a single device. Ambient light from streetlights, security lighting, and other prelit decorations can, however, diminish the eye-popping effects that the BlissLight creates.


Q: How can ambient light subdue the intensity of BlissLight effects? 
 For best results in an area with ambient light you can't control, such as streetlights, choose a primary focal point feature in your landscape, such as a large tree or shrub with leaves or an evergreen, by staking the BlissLight in the ground near the plant base pointing the head upward--use the Allen wrench provided to loosen and re-tighten position of projector head. It's best to experiment before settling on a location--sometimes a foot or two away from the base gives more coverage for larger trees. The slightest breeze will create a mesmerizing and soothing firefly effect as the leaves gently rustle.


For best results in areas where you can control the ambient light, all you need to do is experiment with selected lights turned off to see how it alters the effect you are looking for.


Q: What's the coverage area of a single BlissLight? 
 BlissLights are a great way to cover the entrance or landscape and walls of your home for parties and/or holiday decor. The coverage area of one fixture from a distance of 20' is up to 50' x 50'-- that's 2,500 square feet! If you want to dazzle the front of your home, depending on its size, you'll likely need at least two fixtures for optimum effect.


Q: How are BlissLights different? 
 BlissLights are a unique innovation. The closer to your target, the denser the light cluster will appear, which is great for targeting focal points you want to highlight in the landscape. As you increase the distance between the fixture and a broader target point (e.g. a front section of your home) the cluster of lights will expand but the intensity of the light points never diminishes. So it's always good to experiment with distance and angle of the projector before staking it in the ground and tightening the head into the position you like best.


Additionally, BlissLights were designed to create a magical yet elegant scene. The idea is to create an amazing environment for you to enjoy and wow your guests without lighting up the neighborhood.


Q: What color choices are available? 
 BlissLights are available in your choice of green, blue, or red starfields. Green creates an amazing firefly effect on trees, landscape, and jewel-like pinpoints of light on all background surfaces regardless of texture or color. Blue projection also works well on landscape greenery and creates a starry night effect on walls and ceilings. Red projection works best on light-colored backgrounds such as light stucco, siding, concrete, etc. It's also fun to experiment with combinations of BlissLight colors. Green and blue work well together for holiday displays and also year-round outdoor effects in landscape, around the deck/pool/patio, and under-lighting trees. Green, blue, and red combined together create a festive confetti of light great for parties, holidays, and year-round celebrations. Green and red look great for holiday displays alone or with existing prelit decor. Red and/or blue add drama to Halloween decor or use them together with white accent floodlights for stunning patriotic displays


Q: Why aren't BlissLights available in white? 
 White lasers don't exist at this time and it was found that the green laser is the best choice for year-round use on landscape foliage, patio areas, etc. because its appearance in use on greenery renders its color irrelevant. You'll hear, "wow," or "how did you do that? 

" instead of, "why is it green? 
" You can accent trees, hedge rows, porticos, patios, decks, outdoor entertaining areas, and under gazebos/canopies year round.


Q: Can BlissLights be used with an outdoor timer? 
 Yes, your purchase includes a 6/18 timer you may choose to use, or you can manually plug in/unplug the power cord--the choice is yours.


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