Kurt Adler - Snowfall Light Set with 14-Inch Tubes - 5 Lights

  • Enjoy the spirit of snow indoors or out with Kurt Adler's Snowfall string light set
  • These are the starter Sets, they have connectors at both ends.
  • The set features five 14-inch tubes and an adapter that can be connected (to a separately sold add-on set)
  • Set measures 20.2 by 6.4 by 3 inches and weighs 1 pound

Have you ever wished it would snow all year round? Our Snowfall light collection lets you have the illusion of falling snow without any messy melting or shoveling. This Snowfall light set features five 14-inch tubes and an adapter. This light set is for both indoor and outdoor use.


Adapter can be connected to add-on set UL2517N. You can not have more than 20 tubes per adapter.

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