Brutal claws rake across your flesh as you defend yourself from the nightmarish beast. The Slashed Latex Appliance displays three moderately deep cuts. Offering a gory display for the living and the undead. Perfect for Halloween, this injury prosthetic adds a gruesome touch to any costume. This prosthetic wound is made from high quality latex that has already been colored. The fake injury is easy to apply, requiring only a bit of spirit gum to adhere to the skin. Please note that additional supplies like spirit gum and fake blood are sold separately. Key Features:Includes latex appliance for the neck. Simple and easy to apply. Ideal horror costume accessory. Perfect for Halloween, haunted houses, zombie walks, and costume parties.

  • Appliance – Slashed
  • It does not come with any other items.
  • Manufacturer: Ghoulish Productions
  • 1 piece prosthetic
  • Made of quality latex
  • Spirit gum, remover and make-up not included
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