Lori Mitchell - DRACO

  • Lori Mitchell - Draco
  • SKU: 570317
  • Vendor Number: 70317
  • Approximate Size: 6 inches
  • Materials: Resin and Metal
  • Introduced: 2007
  • Versatile: Remove his Pumpkin Bucket to go from Halloween to Year Round

Draco may look cute and adorable, but remember he's a blood thirsty vampire! Make sure to watch your back tonight or he just might leave you in the dust! Don't forget to bring along your trusty stake for protection, just in case Draco comes lurking. The bowlegged Draco can be seen around wearing his signature red cape, black star vest, striped shorts and carrying a pumpkin bat treat bucket. He stands approximately 6 inches tall and is made out of resin.

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