Lori Mitchell - Halloween Heights Figurine 2018

  • New for 2018!
  • Lori Mitchell - Halloween Heights
  • SKU: 571096
  • Vendor Number: 11096
  • Approximate Size: 11x4"
  • Materials: Resin and Metal
  • Introduced: 2018

Adorable Dora has retired her signature small Pumpkin Bucket this year, instead, she has upgraded to a much larger Pumpkin Balloon! Dora is excited to float above her neighborhood and see all the Halloween festivities from above! She can't wait to soar to new Halloween Heights! She is feeling a bit scared sitting in her woven basket awaiting her ascent, but she remembers the big Pumpkin smiling above her and she becomes thrilled about taking this adventure all on her own! This beautiful piece stands approximately 11 inches tall and made from Resin.

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