Department 56 Village - *2016 Ghastly's Haunted Villa

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  • Ghastly Haunted Villa
  • Introduced 2016
  • Lighted Building
  • 9.84 in H x 7.01 in W x 7.87 in L
  • Coordinates With: 4051013 Ghastly's Night Out
  • Electrical: Black Standard cord and standard green bulb
  • Authentic Department 56

We welcome a new guy to the neighborhood, and a new centerpiece haunted mansion to the Village, Ghastly’s Haunted Villa. Unlike his brothers Grimsly and Gravely, Ghastly spends much of his free time frightening folks half to death. He gets the biggest kick out of going out form Midnight until Dawn, spooking in the cemetery, hiding behind bushes, startling the paperboy, etc. He and his brothers share a code with the lights; if the green light is on, Grastly is out scaring the town. No lights - he’s home, sleeping or sitting in the dark. Because he sleeps all day, the house is very unkept, as one can see from the dilapidation like holes in the roof. Bats hang from the eves. Includes 2 attached wire trees. Lit with green bulb.


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