Santa Claus The Book of Secrets- Naughty and Nice Hourglass

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  • The Famous Family Traditions Santa Claus Book of Secrets Naughty and Nice Hourglass
  • How Santa knows who is naughty and who is nice!
  • Beautifully decorated in black and gold
  • Authentic Elf Made Product
  • Approximate Size: 8 x 4 inches
  • How to use it: 1) Place on a mantelpiece or shelf in the laying down position, 2) when child does something Naughty or Nice, turn Glass on end so sand runs into the appropriate side, 3) Return to laying down position to monitor Naughty and Nice balance

Many centuries ago, when it was decided that only those children who were good would be rewarded with a visit form Santa Clause, the problem arose of how to keep track of every child's behavior.

The Elves set about solving the problem with a little of their magic.  When each child is born they are given their own pigeon hole in the Hall of Records a the North Pole.  In  their pigeon hole is Year Glass make with magic and tuned to each child at birth.  Throughout their lives, every time a child does something good the sand grains move over to the nice side and every time they do something bad, sand travels over to the naughty side.  Each year when it is time to produce the lists of Naughty and Nice children, those with more sand on the nice side of the Year Glass go on the nice list and those with more sand on the Naughty, go on the Naughty list.

The Year Glass is a replica of your child's form the hall of Records at the North Pole. Use the Year Glass to monitor their Naughty and Nice balance and ensure their name appears on the Nice list.  


How the Book Came to Be

In 2012, Russell became a father and on Christmas day, after waking his little daughter for her first ever Christmas, arrived downstairs to quite a surprise. There resting on the mantelpiece above the fire, was a beautifully wrapped gift with an envelope resting by its side. He assumed it was a present from his wife, placed there as a Christmas surprise.

Upon picking up the letter, he soon realized that it was something very special. The beautifully scribed writing, the embossed red wax seal, his mind began to race with excitement. Could it be? Yes, it was. A letter from Santa Claus. In the letter he told of how he could see that the modern world was changing so fast.

The arrival of new things, such as; the Internet and films, meant that children now had access to so much information that he was worried the real truth about Christmas might be lost forever.

As such, he had left a journal containing knowledge that had remained a closely guarded secret for centuries. He said that, as an illustrator and writer who kept Christmas alive in his heart all year round, Russell would know what to do with it and as such, help spread the truth about Christmas to the children of the world.

So, Santa Claus: The Book of Secrets was born containing the truth behind one of the world’s oldest and greatest mysteries, in the words of Santa Claus himself.


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