Department 56 Christmas Village Accessories

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Bring your miniature village to life with the charming and whimsical accessories from Department 56! From festive streetlights to quaint benches and even a snow-covered sleigh, the General Village Accessories collection includes everything you need to create a detailed and immersive display. Each piece is meticulously crafted with intricate detailing and vibrant colors, ensuring that your village will be the envy of all who behold it. Whether you're adding the finishing touches to your holiday display or creating a miniature world to enjoy year-round, Department 56's General Village Accessories are the perfect way to bring a touch of whimsy and magic into your home.


What are Department 56 Village Accessories?

Department 56 Village Accessories are a collection of miniature figurines and accessories designed to enhance the display of Department 56 villages. There is a wide range of Village Accessories available, including trees, streetlights, benches, bridges, and even animated accessories like skating rinks and ferris wheels

Do I need to add village accessories to my display?

While it is not necessary to add accessories to your display, Village Accessories are designed to add detail and character to your Department 56 village display. Village Accessories allow you to add pieces of your personality to your display.

How do I use Village Accessories in my display?

Village Accessories can be placed throughout your village to create a realistic and immersive scene. Create a beautiful village park by combining accessories like trees, pathways, ice rinks, animals, and benches.

Can I use Village Accessories with other miniature villages?

While Department 56 Village Accessories are designed specifically to scale for Department 56 villages, they can be used with other miniature villages as well.